Tap Into Informed Rental Real Estate Management Services

Here's a list of resources that a residential or commercial rental property
owner might need from a property manager:

  1. Financial Statements: Access to detailed monthly or quarterly financial statements, including income and expenses, to keep track of your property's financial performance.
  2. Rent Collection: Streamlined online rent collection, making it convenient for tenants to pay and ensuring timely payments.
  3. Maintenance Updates: Regular updates on maintenance and repairs, along with documentation and cost breakdowns for transparency.
  4. Lease Agreements: Easily access and review lease agreements, renewal terms, and any modifications.
  5. Tenant Communication: Direct communication with tenants for inquiries, concerns, and notices through a centralized platform.
  6. Property Inspections: Reports and photos from property inspections keep you informed about the condition of your property.
  7. Vendor Management: Information on approved vendors for repairs, renovations, and maintenance, along with cost estimates.
  8. Performance Reports: Detailed reports on occupancy rates, rental income, and expenses, helping you assess the profitability of your investment.
  9. Legal Compliance: Updates on local and state regulations, ensuring your property remains compliant with laws and regulations.
  10. Document Storage: Secure storage of essential documents like insurance policies, warranties, and property-related paperwork.
  11. Emergency Contacts: Quick access to emergency contact information for immediate response to unforeseen situations.
  12. Online Portal: A user-friendly online portal where you can access all these resources and updates in one place.

Remember, the specific resources offered by property managers may vary, but this list provides a general idea of the kind of support and information property owners might need.